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Our Services

We offer a range of marketing and business development services to meet every need and budget.

Translation, Interpretation and Copywriting

Good strong text written by native Spanish or English speakers is key to looking professional. Don't just ask an employee or a friend with a schoolboy knowledge and a dictionary to do it for you! It never works and you'll be found out! A native speaker will always spot immediately when it is not correct, and this can be embarrassing to your company.

We've found marketing materials in Spanish and English littered with bad translations where just a simple tidy up of a couple of hours could vastly improve the image of a company to its foreign customers. Are you sure the language is correct in your marketing materials?

We offer three types of service:

Full translation and copywriting: We'll get our native Spanish (Spain & Latin American) and/or English speakers to do your marketing text. We'll find out about your business and use our vast experience to ensure it attracts clients and doesn't put them off.

Quick ‘spring clean’: We'll review your existing marketing, website text etc. and make it sound more English or Spanish. We're convinced we can improve any existing text and it could only take a few hours – it could be the best 100 Euros you ever spend on marketing! Prices start from just 19 Euros per hour.

Face to face interpretation: Difficult sales meeting or presentation to do? We can offer you interpretation services in person so you'll never be lost for words and won't miss what the other side is saying!

See also details of our special service: Webtext

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Business Plans

This is the full nine yards! You've got a business idea or a proven product in your country. You know you want to export it but need help to pull the whole plan together.

Maybe you already have an operation overseas which feels a bit out of control and you need a clear direction. This is where we come in.

A plan, that states clearly what the business objective is, how you intend to reach it, how much it will cost, and how you will sell and promote, is a 'must have' when you work in international markets. Otherwise you may as well give your money (or your investors money!) away.

We meet a lot of people who want to set up in Spain or Latin America or, in the other direction, Spanish-speaking companies that cannot wait to hit the international trade fairs. They have a brilliant product, lots of enthusiasm (always very important!) and sometimes even money to fund it - but that's it. They have no plan, goals, or cost controls and six months later come limping back to their home country having failed, with just a few foreign hotel receipts as souvenirs.

We want to stop this by working with you on your international business plan. We have lots of success in this area both personally and for other clients. So STOP - before you start booking airfares to London or Madrid for your sales team, speak to us.

See details of our special packaged services: MarketCheck, MarketPlan and Distribplus.

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Market Investigation and Business Development

Question: If you set up in a new country or if you want to export your product from Spain or Latin America, how can you be sure if anyone wants to buy it in other countries?

Answer: By fully checking out the market first. Who are the competition? What are their prices (and their costs)?. Who are your customers? How do you reach them without wasting time and money? How big is the market? Where are the population centres? What distributors are available?

The list of questions is potentially endless so first we need some focus. We'll find out about your business from you (as well as from some of your customers and competitors) and get out there to find out what your potential market looks like. So that when it comes to decide how to attack, you'll be sure of where to direct your troops.

Consider us for a full market report (for example, olive oil demand in Western Europe) or for just an ad hoc piece of work (for example, who are the key shopping centre and retail groups in Central America and what are their phone numbers). In all this type of work we have plenty of experience. We could even take your product to some international customers and get an early reaction.

Most importantly, we won't just do a pretty report. If you want, we will use our network of contacts in various countries and across various sectors to open doors for you. With our extensive business development skills we can find and meet your first clients or contacts for you and get your selling off to a flying start.

We'll look at different distribution options for your product - should you sell direct, through a distributor or even consider franchising? We have a lot of experience with franchise networks in Spain. 

See details of our special packaged services: MarketCheck, MarketPlan and Distribplus.

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Marketing and Promotional Plans

Doing sales and marketing in another country is one of the hardest things in business.

Most cultural differences are easy to spot - people speak a different language and eat different food. However we know from experience living and working in countries in Europe and the Americas that there are many subtle differences in culture. If you don't take them into account your sales and marketing won't work. A promotion that has won awards in Scotland could need massive tweaking to fit in Spanish-speaking countries.

We will plan and build all your marketing with you:
The product, its price, the promotions and campaigns, the channels to market, the target customers, the target messages. We can use your own employees or favourite designers to create beautiful marketing materials THAT WORK or ask our own designers and experts to help out.

If you are new to international marketing we can take time to coach you and your team on all the things needed for a successful marketing plan. You'll then have a trained and motivated sales and marketing team that can carry on for years to come, without having to pay us or other consultants all the time!

See details of our special packaged services: MarketCheck, MarketPlan and Distribplus.

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Trade Fairs

Going to trade fairs is really just one part of the marketing plan, but we've chosen to single it out here for special attention because in international marketing it is a very popular and key way to do business.  We've also been to lots and think we have done a pretty good job at them. You build contacts for your distribution network, 'touch and feel' the customers and competition, and all without weeks of travelling. Even in the internet age, face-to- face meetings still work.

For trade fairs we can:

Never underestimate the power of language on an exhibition stand - if you have weak Spanish or English speakers on your stand you will lose business.

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Logos, On-line & Materials

You may not need a full business plan or market analysis. You may simply just need good strong marketing materials in English or Spanish to attract clients. We're here to help. We will understand your business, study your existing materials and design the logos, brochures, newsletters, flyers and websites to meet your brief.

Not sure what you need? We'll listen and use our experience running marketing departments for international brands in various sectors of the economy. We also have a network of extra contacts in the advertising and promotion industries in the UK, USA, Latin America and Spain to use if needed. Remember too that we offer translation services for existing marketing materials.

Key services include:

See details of our special packaged services: Experto24/7, MarketPlan and Webtext.

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English for Business

For many Spanish-speaking business people, improving their English is a personal priority to grow internationally. Spanish Approach offers English language lessons for individual or small groups with professionals: whether you want to improve your reading, writing or speaking we can design a course just for you or your company. And we’re proud that our teachers are accredited by the University of Cambridge CELTA certificate scheme, giving you extra peace of mind.

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