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How Spanish Approach can help you

We have two types of clients:


Our clients tell us that they choose Spanish Approach for the following key reasons:

More About Spanish Approach

Introduction from Neil Hesketh, Managing Director

Welcome to our website. This is your first step towards getting some first class business and marketing support at a price to suit your budget.

I have lived in Spain & Latin America for over 12 years, speak Spanish fluently and have owned and run companies in spanish-speaking countries. My 21 years business background is in marketing up to director level for companies in London, including some well-known ones, before moving to Spain in 2002. I studied marketing and am a Chartered Marketer. I know both business-to-business marketing and consumer marketing inside out, although the world is moving so fast that there is always something new to learn each morning.

I founded Spanish Approach because people kept approaching me to help them out with their ideas and projects in Spain & Latin America. I enjoyed it and got some great results. People recommended me to other people, and so Spanish Approach was born.

My philosophy

I wanted to create a company that wasn't a typical consultancy – that's why you won't see the word consultancy much on this website, although sometimes I can't avoid using it. With 21 years in business, including owning my own small businesses, I know what it is to use outside agencies and consultants – it can be an expensive and frustrating experience if you don't choose them correctly. Companies often use consultants who have flash offices, employ high-salaried new graduates (with no real business experience incidentally), spend your money flying across Europe at the drop of a hat and do amazingly pretty Powerpoint presentations. Then finally they give you a long report that looks good on the surface but is just totally impractical to be used, and so it sits on a shelf. Does this sound familiar?

We aren't like that. We don't charge the earth. For example, we're more likely to use a 2 star pensión than a 4 star corporate hotel if we ever need to stay away when working for you, whatever our budget (the highlife can wait for holidays and weekends). We are motivated by making a real, quick tangible difference to your company, whatever the size of the project you have. This is what drives us, and having employed outside support ourselves many times during our careers, we're passionate that our clients feel they are getting value for money from using us.

How we can help you?

So you want to grow your business? You have considered increasing your marketing and sales staff? Think twice before you add any extra persons (and extra cost) to your payroll full time. Using temporary extra support from a company like Spanish Approach could easily work out cheaper and more profitable for you.

We've designed a service that we think is unique for Spain & Spanish-speaking countries. We can offer you everything from the big to the very small.

For example a big job: you might want to launch your business idea in Spain or Panama for example, but just don't know where to start – we'll explain all the cultural differences, paperwork required, do the business plan and get you started.

On the other hand, for example a small job: you might just need a brochure or newsletter doing or your existing materials reviewed (very popular are our 'spring clean' translation services). Remember, we help both people that want to come to Spain or Latin America AND Spanish-speaking companies who want to improve their business overseas – our specialty is international business and market support.

Besides myself, I often work with a network of people in Spain, Latin America, Europe and other countries that help me with the A-Z of services we offer, such as website design, research, specialist translation, printing, exhibition design, legal and secretarial support. All are excellent at what they do. The beauty is that the core team is small and we can call in people easily for each project we work on. You are paying just for what you use, and not supporting big overheads such as office space or social security payments. My associates usually also have other clients so are constantly fresh with new thinking and external ideas, unlike in-house employees that can go stale.

The next step?

Our offices are in Malaga city, southern Spain but we travel throughout Spain & Latin America and frequently work in London. See our FREE trial offer’. The first step is that we'd like to talk to you, hear what problems you are facing and see how we can help.

From there we will give you a written idea of what could be done – remember what gives us the greatest pleasure is seeing our client's sales grow (that's your sales potentially). It means we've continued to do a great job and this helps us increase our own business too. After all, isn't profitable sales growth what we are all in business for?


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